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What preparations do I need to do before going to Singapore?

Try to assess yourself first if you can compete with other people in your fields. Experience is an advantage if you have it. Prepare a good resume that will stand out among the rest. Try to make one that can catch employer’s attention. Be mindful about your work experiences and your certificate of employment. It should be related to the job you are applying to. I knew several persons who have this problem and ended up going back to the Philippines jobless. For example, your work as an IT personnel but the job description on your COE is Production Technician. This will surely result to a serious problem in finding a work. Visit the jobsites I posted in my first article and check whether your skills are in demand. If you haven’t found any jobs suitable for you, then you better not waste your money. Before going here, you should find a place to stay. I already posted some tips where to find one on my first article.

What to do upon arrival in Singapore?

 Travelers do need to provide a signed copy of embarkation/disembarkation card which most given while still on the air. That white card should be produced upon entering the Immigration in Singapore, as you were holding a social visit pass(tourist), officers will only allow you to enter if you provide them on which place are you going to stay and whom, whether you have relatives or friends, you should be confident on giving necessary information. In most cases, they will give you 30 days to stay (which I think depends on your return ticket) or worst 14 days. Do bear in mind that your purpose in visiting Singapore is not because of job but just to explore and visit their country and your relatives. Taxi cabs are waiting outside for easy travelling but you can choose the MRT if you are familiar with it. Maps of Singapore, Singapore SIM card, Currency exchange and other booths are available near the exit of the terminal.

How much money should I bring? 

Let’s enumerate first your daily expenses. If you will stay in a transient place, per day costs about $10. A daily meal costs around $8. For 30 days, you will spend $540 for food and lodging only. Add to that your budget for phone cards, daily fares, sim card, etc(around $50). To be safe, you should have a budget for 2 to 3 months. If you successfully found a job, you will have to wait for 2 to 4 weeks for the work pass processing. After that, you will still work for a month before you get your first salary.

What are the risks in going there?

Going to Singapore is an easy task. However, there is no assurance that you can find a job. I knew someone who gets a job within a week, within a month, or even after several months. That burden lies on you so you have to be well prepared and well equipped to be competitive. Filipinos are not the only one looking for jobs here. Staying here will costs you a lot of money so be prepared to take risk.

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